Wedding Story

I am back from Barbados and all I can really say is WOW. What a completely amazing two weeks, with the most perfect wedding I ever could have hoped for in the middle. I am working on organizing the over 800 pictures that we took (plus the 12 rolls of film TJ's Grandma took and the endless others that the rest of our guests took for us) and then I will be posting a little collage somewhere on my site for all too see.

But I will tell you a bit about the wedding day now. After a relaxing morning around the pool, getting a massage and manicure, and lunch, missbedora and I headed off to get ready. After a perfect make-up and hair-do by the talented girl herself, I was all ready to get married here:

An 1856 tower from a sugar mill. After a beautiful ceremony in which everyone (and I mean everyone) cried, we did the paperwork and had some cake and champagne

From there, off to do some family pictures and some fun pictures

A quick trip back to the room to get ready for our departure and some more pictures (avec shawl!)

We then all piled into a big van and drove off to Bridetown to enjoy the best part of the evening; a cruise around the ocean in a 57' catamaran called "Cool Runnings". I have never had so much fun in one evening as I did that night. The three guys sailing the boat did a fantastic job, and one of them even took over 200 pictures with my camera for me.

Gotta love the Titanic pose and the fact that they let me sail the boat. Once we were anchored outside of Sandy Lane (where Tiger Woods got married) we all decided to go for a swim. Yup, a swim in the ocean in the middle of my wedding. And yes, my mom IS wearing her dress, and I am wearing my garter.

The evening progressed with great food, great drinks, and lots and lots of dancing.

Basically I still cannot believe that this was my wedding. I had a great time, with great friends and family, and if I had it all to do over again, there isn't a single thing about it that I would change. Especially the part where I end up with the love of my life as my husband.